Private Readers' Group

It’s my great pleasure to invite you personally to join my private Readers’ Group! What does that even mean?

I'll tell you. If you join this private, super private VIP club, you'll get:
  • Free advance preview copies of anything I release, before others!
  • An opportunity to read and review books from my backlist, also for free!
  • Special mentions online, in my books, on my website, or wherever I want to shout to the world how great my readers' group is!
This isn’t my ordinary mailing list, but rather a limited, elite group of avid readers and fans. Not only will you get the free copies of EVERYTHING I release at least two weeks before anyone else, but you’ll get to see the positive effect your feedback and support have on the success of my books — kind of a personal VIP membership club.

There’s only one stipulation: Because reviews are so important to an author’s overall success, you’ll be asked to leave a review within a certain time after receiving your copies (usually 2-3 weeks; if you’re a little late, it’ll still help). So, if you’d like to be part of the team, just sign up below! It’s that easy. This offer is only open to the first 50 members. After all, it can't be a super great VIP club if we let everyone join, right?

Also, thank you. My career depends on readers like you!
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